The journal ERDÖL ERDGAS KOHLE is the only German language technical/scientific monthly journal in the field of oil and natural gas, and petrochemicals. It is now being published in its 132nd volume and is the official journal for the specialists associations in Germany (DGMK) and Austria ÖGEW).

ERDÖL ERDGAS KOHLE reaches all the decision making experts like technicians, engineers, scientists, in short the (technical) management in industry and research. With a circulation of about 2.500 copies it provides subscribers with all necessary information in the oil, natural gas as well as in the petrochemicals business. The number of copies which are sold comprise more than 95% of the total circulation.

Analysis 2014/2015

Print run2.542
Samples / Archive39
Copies circulated2.503100
Total paid2.39195,5
Free distribution1124,5

Recipient Analysis 2014/2015

Exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas28,5
Natural gas treatment and distribution19,1
Oil processing, manufacturing, application, petrochemicals34,1
Wholesale with oil products2,2
Plant construction, suppliers5,0
Consulting, R & D, laboratories and institutions7,0
Others, no information4,1

Geographical Coverage 2014/2015

Other Western Europe1445,8
Eastern Europe110,4
Other countries261,0

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Circulation controlled by the German circulation control board IVW.